How much is Wifi?

A reliable broadband connection is incredibly important to our everyday lives. Whether we’re streaming on Netflix, listening to Spotify, working or learning from home or playing online video games, our Wifi is our best friend. At least it is when it’s working properly and giving us the speeds we need. But how much should you be paying for Wifi that’s fast and reliable?  

Here’s our guide to how much Wifi costs and what you should be paying for: 

What areas are the cheapest? 

The good news for Londoners is that a recent study from GetAgent has found that the capital offers the lowest internet prices in the country. 

An added bonus for Londoners is G.Network’s full fibre broadband. That’s us. We’re upgrading London’s outdated broadband from copper to full fibre by installing connections directly to your home or business. It’s a huge project, but we’ve taken on the challenge and are working hard to roll out our brand-new network. 

Why not use our Broadband Area Checker to see if our full fibre broadband is available in your area? 

What is a good price for WiFi? 

A good price for Wifi is relative of course. It depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s just home use with fairly low levels of downloads and uploads, you would expect to be paying a low price because you don’t need high speeds. However, you still need a reliable connection and would hope for a seamless online experience, which is why our 150 Mb package is a great option for light users. 

For business use, a good price again depends on usage, with small businesses requiring less intensive use compared to larger businesses where there may be multiple video conferences taking place at the same time plus huge files being transferred.  

Do different packages come with different speeds? 

Generally, this is how it works. We find that offering packages with different speeds is a great way to ensure that everybody can find the speed and price that suits their needs and their internet usage.  

We also offer packages to suit your timeframes, from rolling one-month contracts to our 12-month home broadband contracts and 12-month business contracts, giving you the option to commit to a shorter-term deal to fit the fast-moving pace of your industry or living circumstances. 

Full fibre vs fibre - what’s the difference? 

At G.Network we offer full fibre broadband, which is delivered solely by fibre optic cables that we install directly into your premises. This is the fastest kind of fibre broadband, because these fibre optic cables can carry data at the speed of light.  

The other kind of fibre broadband (ie, not full fibre) uses the same fibre optic cables but only up to the phone cabinet on your street, and from there it comes into your home via the old copper cables that traditional broadband uses. This slows down the speed compared to full fibre, which is why we don’t do this. 

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