12 Month Home Broadband Contracts.

90 Meg

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different, so a home broadband contract that suits one person might not suit another. That’s why we offer them in all shapes and sizes, including these 12 month broadband contract. 

A 12 month contract means that you are signing up for a year of reliable 100% fibre connections with guaranteed download and upload speeds with us where you can work, learn and play online without buffering or drop-outs, but after that year you are free to decide whether or not to continue with the same contract or opt for something else.

What are the benefits of a 12 month broadband contract?

The obvious advantage of a 12 month broadband contract is that it sits in between a rolling no contract broadband package and the more traditional longer-term options. This means that it has more flexibility than committing for 2 years to a package that you might want to change or cancel - incurring a fee if you do so - but also means that you know what you’re paying for the full term, which is usually cheaper than a rolling monthly.

What other contracts do we offer? 

As well as 12 month broadband, we also offer rolling monthly contracts, which might be perfect for you if you are on a short term rental or lease, or are a student only needing the broadband during your time on campus. We also offer longer-term contracts as well as broadband aimed at business customers.

Is a 12 month broadband contract right for you?

If you are unsure which length of contract to go for, a 12 month contract could be the perfect option because it is less of a commitment than one of the longer-term contracts. If your circumstances mean that you might be moving in the next couple of years, opting for just 12 months gives you the freedom to not worry about having to pay a cancellation fee if you need to end it after that time before a traditional contract would have expired.

And a 12 month contract also gives you the financial certainty of having it in place for a full year rather than a monthly rolling without a contract while it will also usually be a cheaper option if you don’t need that additional flexibility to cancel at short notice.

What should you consider when choosing broadband?

With so many options available, it’s important to consider your individual circumstances when choosing a contract rather than looking at the deals and picking the one that seems the cheapest as this might not actually offer you the best value for money. When it comes to length, you need to think about how long term you want to commit, as paying a cancellation fee is something most of us would rather avoid.