Frequently asked questions.


Who are G.Network

G.Network is London’s full fibre broadband provider. We’re installing brand new, fibre optic connections directly to residents and businesses across London. With G.Network infrastructure, residents and businesses are able to access reliable 100% fibre connections with guaranteed download and upload speeds. 

What’s full fibre broadband?
Full fibre broadband is delivered solely by fibre optic cables into your premises, rather than older, copper ones. These cables carry data much more quickly and reliably than slower copper. Copper-based connections also tend to be shared amongst groups of premises, so heavy usage from one affects them all.
Why does the UK, and London, need full fibre broadband?
Residents need full fibre as we all live our lives more online. Full fibre provides better, cheaper and easier ways to keep in touch with friends and family across the world; and creates opportunities to work and learn successfully from home. Full fibre can help transform existing businesses and enable new start-ups to get established. Reliable and consistent connectivity can boost productivity, even at the busiest times, and make it possible to build new business contacts around the world, reduce travel, and save money.
What can I do on a full fibre connection that I can’t on my copper one?
Full fibre is essential for providing the faster download and upload speeds we will all rely on. We are using more data than ever before, including on data-hungry applications like HD video conferences, streaming and gaming.
Why can’t I just rely on 5G?
5G provides excellent speeds, but struggles to penetrate walls and buildings. So inside, your 5G connection will be significantly slower than outside.
Why do I need 900 MEG
On a 900 meg connection, you can do whatever you like online, however bandwidth-hungry, on multiple devices at the same time. For example, you could download an entire album in around a second, or an HD movie in around 40 seconds, or an entire game in around seven minutes. For general browsing, any site will download instantaneously.
Is a G.Network router provided?
A G.Network router is provided for free on all residential tariffs, this will be pre-configured with a WiFi password and code in order to access the service. There will be ethernet ports available that can be used to hardwire into the router For business tariffs we provide a termination point in the property, you'll then be responsible for connecting it to your network and any associated infrastructure. If you choose our Managed Router Service as an extra then we'll also supply an enterprise-grade router that we install, configure and manage.
What’s the switching process?
Our network is brand new and entirely independent of any other company. So when we come to install, the connections will also be new ones and it’s not a case of taking over your existing service. That’s why we recommend that you don’t cancel any connections you have right now before ours is up and running. If you take out our service, we’ll contact you within 48 working hours to book a survey. We’ll also work directly with your landlord, if required, to get permission to install. Then, once we have that permission, we’ll book an installation. The whole process can take a few weeks but after that there is no maintenance or other visits required.
What is the difference between upload and download?
Downloading is when data is sent to your device from the internet. Uploading is when your device sends data to the internet. So when you video conference, for example, you are downloading others’ voices and pictures, and uploading your own so they can see and hear you.
Will wifi cover my whole house/premises?
Our engineers will position routers in your property to give you the maximum possible coverage. For the most part, in a standard residential property your router should give you good coverage throughout. But if you’ve got thick walls, or a very large property there may be spots where the signal is weaker. If it turns out your signal needs boosting, our technical support team can help you with some options.
What tech support do you offer?
Our technical support team is available from your first moment as a G.Network customer. They’ll plug in and configure your router, and then if you need a hand, you can always get in touch.
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