Home broadband offers.

Banner showing 50% off for the first 3 months on 300, 600 and 900 megabits per second, 2 year contracts.

Faster than Ultrafast.

Home broadband from G.Network

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    Working from home

    Times are changing. The home has become the office and internet performance can make or break your day. With 900 MEG upload and download speeds, get your work on track with ultrafast broadband.

  2. Dog

    Happy families

    Put an end to the battle of the bandwidth. With our unrivalled internet speeds the only thing you'll be competing for is control of the remote.

  3. Gaming


    Slow broadband is a matter of life or death. G.Network's 100% full fibre eliminates lag, keeping you on top of your game.

Business broadband.

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    Direct to your door

    We are a FTTP network which means we lay 100% fibre optic cable, end-to-end, directly to every premises through our own ducts.

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    Short lead times

    If G.Network is already in your street, we can get you connected straight away. We’ll contact you within 48 working hours to book a survey and work directly with your landlord, if required, to get permission to install. Once we have that permission, we’ll book an installation.

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    Future-proof network

    Our 100% fibre network can handle any speed requirements today, as well as any future speeds that new technologies might demand.

Future-Proof your building and the satisfaction of your tenants.

Our consistent, reliable service at highly competitive prices creates great value to both customers and the buildings they live and work in.

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    Quick to connect

    Like our broadband, we work fast. We can connect much more quickly than other providers, because the infrastructure we use and the setup process we carry out is all our own.

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    Happy tenants

    Our 100% full fibre infrastructure future-proofs your building’s connectivity for decades for minimal capex expenditure, improving tenant satisfaction.

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    Customer focused

    Our customer-focused approach to connectivity takes the headache away from landlords and tenants, providing a straightforward process to sign up and get connected.

How Broadband Works.

G.Network is rebuilding London from the fibre up, replacing the old, slow copper infrastructure with new, ultrafast 100% full fibre.