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Our guide to choosing your Home Broadband .

What is home broadband?

Home broadband is the name given to the high-speed communications system in our homes that links our computers, mobile phones and other digital devices to the internet, allowing us to access the web, email, streaming tv and countless other online services at high speeds. Home broadband uses a cable, DSL or satellite modem that is hooked up to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the home network uses wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi technologies, both of which are considerably faster than the broadband speeds of most internet connections.

Standing out above the rest is fibre broadband, which uses fibre optic cables that are a lot better at transferring data than your standard copper cables. In a nutshell, you can do all the things you love like online gaming and streaming movies and music a lot faster with fibre home broadband – find great deals on fibre home broadband today here at G Network. 

What types of broadband are there?

There are a number of different types of home broadbands out there that can be used for various different settings and uses. The main types of broadbands are: 

  • ADSL

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – or ADSL for short – is the most basic and common form of internet connection in the UK.  ADSL broadband is an internet connection that is provided over home telephone lines, and is generally the slowest and cheapest of the three main types of fixed-line broadband that are available to buy for your homes. ADSL is usually found mostly in houses that are in remote areas, and accounts for almost half of the UK’s broadband lines.

  • Fibre

Fibre broadband is by far the fastest and most reliable internet connection that you can get for your home. It differs from your standard broadband in many ways, from the actual technology behind it to the fast speed and availability. Fibre connections are used in busier households and places where multiple people are online at the same time due it’s speed and reliability.

Can you use home broadband without a phone line?

The short answer is yes – you can get home broadband without a phone line but your choices will be somewhat limited. Most UK providers work on the Openreach network which carries the broadband signal into your home via the old copper telephone wires, so if you wish to get broadband without a phone line you will have to choose a provider that does not use Openreach. 

How can I choose the best broadband package for me?

There are many different things to consider when trying to choose the correct broadband package for your home. The most important things to keep in mind are the speed, usage and the cost of the package, and to determine this you will need to first understand the exact type of broadband user you are:

  • How and why you will need to connect to the internet
  • How important broadband speed is to you
  • How many people in your household will be using the internet
  • How many devices will be connected to the internet. 
What broadband speeds do I need for my home? 

When it comes to understanding the broadband speed you need for your own home, the first thing you should determine is exactly how many people are in your household and how many people and devices will be needing to use the internet. As a general rule we’d recommend:

  • 0-30mb (1-2 per household)
  • 30-60mb (3+ users per household)
  • 60-100mb (serious streaming household)
  • 100mb or higher (working with large files and downloads)

Important Bits.

*15x faster than UK's average download speed
15x faster than UK's average download speed based on G.Networks 900 Mb vs 59.4 Mb UK average. Source: 2022 Ofcom UK Home broadband performance data.
3 month satisfaction guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service then you can leave at any time within the first 3 months of the contract with no penalties. This offer is for new customers only, excludes 'in-contract' up to 9 months free promotional tariffs. 

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