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What happens if I can't find my address?
We base our address search on Royal Mail data. If you can't find your postcode or street address then give us a call and we might be able to help. You might also need to contact Royal Mail to fix this.
Why are you not available in my area?
We’re working hard to roll out fill fibre to London, but if we’re not quite ready to connect you just yet then please register your interest and we’ll contact you when we’ve got to your area.
What’s the switching process?

Our network is brand new and entirely independent of any other company. That means when we come to install your new broadband, all of the connections will also be new - we don’t take over your existing service. That’s why we recommend that you don’t cancel any current connections you have before ours is up and running.

When you join G.Network, we’ll contact you within 48 working hours to book a survey. We’ll also work directly with your landlord, if required, to get permission to install. Then, once we have that permission, we’ll book an installation

Will wifi cover my whole house/premises?
Our engineers will position routers in your property to give you the maximum possible coverage. For the most part, in a standard residential property your router should give you good coverage throughout. If you’ve got thick walls however, or a very large property for example, there may be spots where the signal is weaker. If it turns out your signal needs boosting, our technical support team can help you get the coverage that works for you.
Why have I been told G.Network is available in my area, but I'm unable to purchase online?
If you've received a letter from us saying we can connect you and you're having issues purchasing online, please call us on 0800 033 4003 and we'll be happy to help you.
What is the difference between upload and download?
Downloading is when data is sent to your device from the internet. Uploading is when your device sends data to the internet. When you hop on a video call for example, you are downloading others’ voices and pictures, and uploading your own so they can see and hear you.