Switching to G.Network couldn’t be easier.

When you place an order with G.Network you'll be connected to a brand 100% full fibre network. This means connecting your premises with a completely new internet connection

When you buy with G.Network, you get a dedicated Customer Delivery Manager who’ll look after you from the order through to the connection. 

  • If you’ve already had a G.Network connection into your premises before, then you can use the existing G.Network router or ONT. All we'll need to do is set your new order live.
  • If your premises has not been connected to G.Network before, then we’ll need to connect the fibre from your street to your premises.

Whilst we try to connect all our customers as quickly as possible, getting connected to our independent, full fibre network can take up to 2 months. This because we need to; conduct a survey, get the relevant permissions from the landlord and organise the installation.

Each of these steps is below:

  1. Survey


    This identifies the best route to take our fibre from the street into your home. Your survey will be booked in when we speak to you after you’ve placed an order.

  2. Access


    Like any business installing cabling into a building, we need permission from the freeholder, landlord and/or managing agent. We need this to install our fibre. This is a legal agreement known as a ‘wayleave’. If you own your property, we’ll send you a template wayleave agreement at this stage or we’ll ask you for your landlord’s details and we will manage this process directly with them.

  3. Install


    The exciting part! Once we’ve got the wayleave, our engineer can visit your property and install your full fibre broadband. Again, we’ll call you to arrange this. We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a customer. and as we work through the process, we’ll be able to confirm an exact go live date.