Keeping up with a busy Saturday service - how G.Network's broadband is game-changing for Truffle Burger.

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The challenge

Just after lockdown, Truffle Burger took their famous original burger recipe into their first bricks and mortar restaurant. Although Soho was the perfect fit for them, getting a decent broadband connection proved tricky when they first moved in.

“We originally went with one of the big providers, but it was useless, particularly when it came to taking customer payments. The restaurant is long and narrow, and if anyone was sitting in the middle or the back of the restaurant, we’d have to ask them to come up to the front of the restaurant to pay. That’s not a good customer experience, especially with payment being the very last thing, it leaves an impression. And we used to dread a busy Saturday service, worrying about whether the payments would go through.”

The solution

When another local restaurant mentioned that they’d just joined G.Network, Truffle Burger jumped at the chance switch. After a smooth installation process and game-changing speeds and reliability at the restaurant, Truffle Burger decided it was time to connect their headquarters too, which is nearby.

“We were still in contract with our previous provider when we joined G.Network, but it was worth it. To have that peace of mind, knowing that the service will just work, and you can get on and do your job, is worth everything. And it turns out we’re paying the same as we were for bad internet! So it’s not expensive to upgrade to a full fibre connection.”

Scarlett, Operations Manager

Though you might not think a small restaurant in Soho has big broadband needs, it’s vital to everything they do.

“For us, broadband is important at every level. Every person needs to use it. From us in the office, uploading and downloading high-res photos, to customers messaging their friends to let them know they’ve arrived. We never used to offer WiFi to our customers, but now we can. G.Network has been a real game changer.

It’s made our lives so much easier, because when your internet works as it should, everything works as it should.”