Full-On WiFi.

Banner with text which says 'Make the most of every room. New Full-On WiFi from G.Network gives you greater coverage throughout your home, a photo of the G.Network Full on Wifi mesh booster and a simple visualization of how it helps to spread wifi signal throughout the home.

Get G.Network’s Full-On fibre experience all around your home. Our Full-On WiFi means, wherever you need it, you get ultimate connectivity in every room. 

Our 100% full fibre broadband is 13x faster than the London average broadband speed. Great! But not so great if your WiFi doesn’t reach everywhere in your home. That’s where G.Network Full-On WiFi comes in.“Powered by mesh technology; Full-On WiFi means your full fibre broadband will reach every corner of your home. So you get the Full-On WiFi experience.

Key features 

  • Ultimate Connectivity - Enjoy seamless and high-speed Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home
  • Wi-Fi 6 – modern technology that unlocks the full potential of all your devices
  • 4 booster points – up to 3 beacons to help reach the furthest point in your home
  • Easy to use - simple set-up and controls via the mobile app **
  • Great value – other Wi-Fi 6 systems can be really expensive. Full-On WiFi is just £10 a month.

Who is it for? 

If you’re a G.Network residential full fibre customer, you can simply add Full-On WiFi to your order.  

(Note: some existing customers in parts of our network with an old technology aren’t able to order Full-On WiFi. These customers will soon be moved to new technology where you’ll be able to order it.) 


WiFi 6 Mesh systems can cost hundreds of pounds. G.Network customers can add Full-On WiFi to your full fibre order for just £10 per month.  

You can request additional beacons if one Full-On WiFi beacon is not enough. Each additional Full-On WiFi beacon will incur a one-off cost of £19.99 postage and packaging fee. 

If you're thinking of joining G.Network or an existing customer and you want to add Full-On WiFi.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign Up

    Add Full-On WiFi to your full fibre order

    Enter your post code below to check if we're available in your area or call and add Full-On WiFi when you place your G.Network full fibre order. Or, if you already have a G.Network Full Fibre connection and you want to add Full-On WiFi, simply call us on the number below or email sales@g.network

  2. Delivery

    Activate your first Full-On WiFi beacon

    If you’re a new customer, our engineer will set up your Full-On WiFi when installing your full fibre broadband. If you’re an existing customer or require additional beacons, we’ll send them to you to install yourself (which is easy peasy).

  3. Availability

    Add additional Full-On WiFi beacons if needed

    For most customers, one Full-On WiFi beacon will be enough. But if you still aren’t getting good WiFi coverage throughout your home, Full-On WiFi customers can order up to 2 additional Full-On WiFi beacons by calling us on 0808 258 4912 or emailing sales@g.network. We’ll run a quick eligibility check based on how many rooms and floors you have in your home. Then we’ll post out additional beacons, which can easily be added to your network.

Frequently asked questions .

Do I need a WiFi signal booster system?

Can’t get WiFi in the bedroom? Finding dead zones around your home? If this sounds familiar, that’s where a WiFi booster system can come in. It means you’ll get stronger signal when you’re further away from the main router, giving you lightning fast speeds everywhere in your home. If you want to make the most of your full fibre connection, you’ll need a WiFi signal booster. 

How does Full-On WiFi work?

Full-On WiFi is our WiFi signal booster product. By adding beacons that group together with your main router, this creates multiple WiFi access points that make for a stronger home network. You’ll extend your signal and get faster WiFi speeds. 

Full-On WiFi also comes with mobile app set-up and controls with features such as parental controls and enhanced remote support where our technical support team can help you better with any WiFi connectivity issues you might have.  

Why should I choose G.Network’s Full-On WiFi?

There’s lots of WiFi signal booster systems out there (they’re also known as mesh systems) but if you’re a G.Network customer, we always recommend our Full-On WiFi for a three main reasons: 

  1. Great value. For just £10 per month, you get a next-generation WiFi 6 system and up to 3 Full-On WiFi beacons. That gives you 4 WiFi access points in total!* And there’s nothing to pay upfront.  
  2. Perfect harmony. Unlike ordering other systems, your existing router works with the Full-On WiFi beacons. This means you won’t need to directly connect your router to the first beacon, and then have to get another beacon to be placed elsewhere. So, Full-On WiFi is much simpler and more effective.  
  3. Top-notch support. Full-On WiFi is fully supported by our technical and customer service teams. If you have a problem, we can support you much better than if you’re using a third party mesh system. 

*additional beacons (the 2nd and 3rd) requested will incur a one-off fee of £19.99. This is just to cover the cost of postage and packaging. 

Can I order Full-On WiFi?

 Are you a new G.Network customer? You can add Full-On WiFi to your full fibre broadband order, whether you’re purchasing via our website or over the phone. 

Are you an existing G.Network customer? To add Full-On WiFi, please give a member of our Sales team a call on 0800 084 3737. Please note that some existing G.Network customers in certain areas cannot order Full-On WiFi from launch because their existing equipment is not compatible. We will be upgrading all of this equipment over the next few months so that everyone can benefit from our next generation network and Full-On WiFi. 

If you’re an existing customer upgrading to Full-On WiFi, you’ll need to start a new contract with a new minimum period. 

Can I buy the Full-On WiFi beacons?

It is not currently possible for customers to purchase the Full-On WiFi beacons outright. The equipment is owned by G.Network and is provided as part of the Full-On WiFi service for the monthly service change. This helps customers avoid high one off costs and provides greater flexibility in terms of upgrades and downgrades.  

How many Full-On WiFi beacons will I get?

Every Full-On WiFi customer will initially get one beacon. This works together with your main router to give you two WiFi access points across your home network.  

For most customers, one Full-On WiFi beacon working together with the main router will provide excellent coverage all over your home. If you need even better coverage, you can order up to two additional beacons, giving you up to 4 WiFi access points across your home.  

Is there a WiFi speed guarantee?

We don’t include a speed or coverage guarantee with our Full-On WiFi. That’s because every home is different, so we can’t be accurate enough for the majority of our customers. But with our full fibre broadband and Full-On WiFi with next-generation WiFi 6 capability, you’ll have a far superior speed than other providers will be able to guarantee.  

How will Full-On WiFi be installed?

If you’re a new customer, your first Full-On WiFi beacon will be installed by our engineers at the same time as your full fibre installation. 

If you’re an existing customer, we’ll send you your first Full-On WiFi beacon by post. All you need to do after that is follow the simple self-set-up instructions using the Nokia WiFi app**. If you’re ordering additional beacons, it’s the same process.  

Some existing customers with older routers will also need to swap their router out for a new version that is compatible with Full-On WiFi. 

Important bits.

For full terms and conditions relating to Full-On WiFi, please refer to section 20 of our Residential Terms and Conditions. 

* You must return the Full-On WiFi equipment in accordance with Clause 7.7 of these Terms and Conditions.

** To provide the Full-On WiFi service, We might rely on third party software. By entering into this Contract You agree to comply with the third party End User License Agreement.