What is Fibre and how does it work?

We live in a world where technological jargon gets thrown at us every day and it’s always changing.  So you could be forgiven for hearing about fibre or full fibre broadband and feeling a bit confused. But give us a few minutes and we’ll explain it all.  

Here’s our guide to fibre broadband and why you, and everyone else, need it. 

What is fibre broadband? 

Fibre broadband is a type of high-speed broadband that offers much faster speeds than the kind we’ve all been used to so far. That’s what we love about it, and we know you will too. 

At G.Network, we offer full fibre broadband, which is delivered solely by fibre optic cables into your home or workplace. This is different to fibre broadband offered by some other providers, who may still use the older copper cables to connect the phone cabinet on your street with your home, slowing down the speed of the broadband you end up receiving.  

How does full fibre work? 

Full fibre broadband brings the internet into your home or workplace through fibre optic cables rather than the older copper ones that are used for other types of broadband. This means you get quicker download and upload speeds and a much more reliable service. Fibre optic cables carry data at the speed of light. That’s how much faster it is than traditional broadband and why we believe Londoners need to switch. 

Do I need unlimited full fibre? 

At G.Network, all our packages include unlimited full fibre broadband. That way, everyone can use the internet seamlessly, without having to worry about a thing.  

Will anything affect my broadband speed? 

Even with fibre broadband there can still be factors that might impact your broadband speed. But when you opt for full fibre, you can expect fast and reliable broadband.  

When we install our brand-new connections into your home or premises, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the best possible speeds. 

To find out more, take a look at how we install full fibre broadband.  

How can I get full fibre? 

The first thing to check is whether our fibre broadband is currently available in your area. If it is, get in touch with us! 

How can I switch over to G.Network 

If you decide to switch to G.Network, we’ll contact you to book a survey and start requesting permission to install our brand-new connections at your property. Once this is all done, we'll book an installation, but then you'll be up and running and enjoying the benefits of full fibre broadband.

Our installation process.

  1. Looking glass


    This identifies the best route to take our fibre from the street into your home. Your survey will be booked in when we speak to you after you’ve placed an order.

  2. Small, medium and large buildings.


    Like any business installing cabling into a building, we need permission from the freeholder, landlord and/or managing agent. We need this to install our fibre. This is a legal agreement known as a ‘wayleave’. If you own your property, we’ll send you a template wayleave agreement at this stage or we’ll ask you for your landlord’s details and we will manage this process directly with them.

  3. Fibre cable


    The exciting part! Once we’ve got the wayleave, our engineer can visit your property and install your full fibre broadband. Again, we’ll call you to arrange this. We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a customer and as we work through the process, we’ll be able to confirm an exact go live date.