TV & Streaming.

With G.Network you'll simply get 100% full fibre broadband.

This means you can use your newly upgraded connectivity to access any of the high quality TV content you want. So whether you're after the latest TV drama or want to watch live sports with your friends, you can choose which TV package fits your needs, all without having to buy this as a package from your broadband provider.

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    What is streaming? .

    In simple terms, streaming refers to any media content (whether live or recorded) that is delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real time. This can include movies, tv shows, music videos, podcasts, webcasts and much more. To stream effectively, you will need a reliable and fast high speed connection, just like the one we offer here at G Network specifically for your tv and streaming needs. Choose exactly which tv & streaming package fits your needs all without having to buy this as a package from your broadband provider.

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    More reliable streaming.

    Our full fibre network is more reliable than other part fibre, part copper connections. This means you won't slow down during peak times.

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    Higher quality streaming.

    Streaming in HD and 4k requires more bandwidth, for example, streaming BT Sport Ultimate in 4K and HDR needs at least 30Mbps. That’s where a 100% Full Fibre connection from G.Network comes into its own because our broadband packages offer average speeds of up to 900Mbps.

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    More streaming on more devices.

    More speed means the ability to do more at the same time without slowing you down. So everyone in the house can watch what they want, when they want.

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    The option to switch to a streaming only platform.

    If you're ready to move to 100% streaming then a 100% full fibre broadband connection from G.Network is what you need. TV platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and other Smart TV platforms are all ready to serve up your favourite content from whichever streaming service you want.

What speeds for Skype, Facetime or Microsoft Teams? 

Knowing what speeds are required for smooth, issue-free video calls and conferencing on platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime etc is especially important these days. 

Skype requires about 1.2Mb for HD video, with group calls needing around 4+Mb. For Microsoft Teams calls, you will need around 1.2Mb for HD video calling (720p), 1.5Mb for 1080p, 500kb for SD definition (360p) and 1Mbps required for group video calls. For Facetime calls, you will need between 1-4Mbps.  

With G.Network you’ll simply get 100% full fibre broadband – this means you can use this unlimited connectivity to access any of the high quality tv content that you want and stream to your hearts desired regardless of whether you’re after the latest tv drama or wish to enjoy a night in watching live sports with your friends. Our broadband packages offer: 

  • More reliable streaming 
  • Higher quality streaming 
  • More streaming on more devices 
  • The option to switch to a streaming only platform 
  • The fibre to keep you streaming 

Frequently asked questions.

Why does my TV keep buffering while streaming?
If your tv keeps buffering whilst streaming, it may mean that your internet speeds are not at the sufficient level that is needed for the particular platform or service you are using to stream. Buffering occurs when your internet speed is too slow to download the exact amount of data that is needed whilst streaming, and buffering speeds will vary greatly based on how long the video is that you wish to watch and how much data is contained within it.
Do I need unlimited data for streaming TV?
If you are relying on mobile data for streaming etc, you may need unlimited data to get the best quality experience. It is not recommended to use mobile internet for streaming, however if you wish to do so it is recommended you use unlimited data for mobile streaming.
What is the minimum broadband speed for streaming TV?
A good broadband speed for streaming tv is at least 1.5Mbps per second, however for best quality and a better experience connection speeds of 2.5 – 5Mbps is ideal for streaming HD content. Choosing on the perfect broadband connection speed will usually be determined by how many people you think could be streaming tv at the same time within your household so keep this in mind when making your choice.