Great internet means great service - how G.Network has boosted vegan restaurant, Club Mexicana.

Two women standing, smiling behind the counter at Club Mexicana.

Club Mexicana

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    Independent Vegan Restaurant

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    45 team members and growing at pace!

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    Business Full Fibre 150

The challenge

At their Kingly Court site, Club Mexicana serves hundreds of customers every day. But what is the perfect location to attract customers was not, at first, the perfect location for broadband. The building itself is over 100 years old and when Club Mexicana moved in, a poor ADSL connection and even worse phone signal got in the way of serving customers. “A lot of people don’t realise that restaurants demand huge internet capacity. And being a small business, everything we do is cloud-based. From our tills, to payment methods, CCTV, and even some of our kitchen equipment, it all relies on the internet. Plus, our support teams need to be able to access these systems remotely. Quite simply, if we don’t have great internet, we can’t provide great service.”

“To other small businesses I would say, make the switch now. The reality is you need a good fibre connection, not just for daily operations, but to have the platform to grow. Results matter, and with G.Network broadband, we have the capacity to get there.”

Greg Rosser, Operations Director – Club Mexicana

The solution

That’s why Club Mexicana made the switch to G.Network. With our 100% full fibre network already in place in Kingly Court, our teams were able to move quickly and to connect directly into Club Mexicana’s premises. 

“From the beginning, G.Network were keen to get us set up and did a great job on a tricky installation. I didn’t, and still don’t, have to spend any time dealing with complications, G.Network made sure everything works as it should do. They also did a great job setting up VoIP, which means we now make phone calls using our full fibre connection – no more cutting out while talking to a customer!” 

Club Mexicana also make their G.Network broadband available to customers, because a good internet connection is important to all of us – especially when taking enviable lunch photos and uploading them to social media. And Club Mexicana have big plans for getting their name out there, growing the team and the business.