Switching from BT to G.Network.

BT are upping their prices, leaving their customers paying more by nearly 15% on 31st March 2023, even if they’re in the middle of a contract.  

At G.Network we are NOT increasing our prices mid contract.

You CAN switch to our ultrafast broadband and get up to 9 months free while your current BT contract ends. We can even install our broadband to work alongside your current provider, so you’re guaranteed no down time.

How to switch.

  1. Availability

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    We're rebuilding London's broadband street by street - check whether G.Network is available in your area

  2. Sign Up

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    Choose your speed and tariff along with any add ons.

  3. Install


    That's it! We’ll review your order and aim to call you within 48 hours to arrange your survey and installation.

  1. Switch to G.Network today and get up to 9 months free.

    You don't have to put up with slow speeds and poor customer service, switch to G.Network today and get up to 9 months free full fibre broadband until your current contract ends.

Download SpeedUp to 900Mbps average download speedUp to 68Mbps average
Trustpilot TrustScore
Contract Terms1 / 12 / 24 month contract terms24M
Annual In-Contract Price RisesNo in contract price riseCPI+3.9%*
100% Full Fibre100% Full FibreOld copper-based network**
Important bits
  • Data used is independently verified by FDM on behalf of G.Network.​
  • This comparison is not intended to give you any advice in relation to any aspect of any product or service other than the price and the usage allocations of the compared offerings. Other factors such as network coverage and reliability and the provider’s terms and conditions are also relevant things to consider when making a decision. This comparison is just one information point among others you should consider before making a decision. Prices are derived from the provider websites of the providers listed above on 17th April 2023, but you should check with the compared provider to confirm they are still current. For more information on how these comparisons are prepared please email comparisons@fdm.uk.​
  • All price comparisons are based on broadband only packages except Vodafone's Full fibre 900 Broadband & Phone. Pricing information is taken directly from providers' websites. All price comparisons are based on the in-contract monthly cost plus any upfront fees over a 24 month period, and may include any out of contract price increases once a customer reaches the end of their minimum term. This comparison is based on G.Network’s 900Mbps package (average speed 900Mbps): 24 month min. term, priced at £0.00 pm for 3 months, £48.00 pm thereafter, £0.00 router fee, £0.00 activation fee, £0.00 delivery fee. Save £72.00* vs Virgin Media’s Gig1 package (average speed 1,130Mbps): 24 month min. term, £30.00 pm for 6 months, £50.00 pm thereafter, plus £0.00 router fee, £0.00 delivery fee and £0.00 installation fee. Save -£14.25* vs. BT’s Full Fibre 900 (average speed 900Mbps): 24-month min. term, £40.99 pm for 24 months, plus £9.99 delivery fee. Save £96.00* vs. Vodafone’s Full Fibre 900 (average speed 900Mbps): 24-month min. term, £46.00 pm for 24 months, plus £0.00 delivery fee, £0.00 activation fee & £0.00 router fee.​