Is Your Business Ready for the UK's Telecommunication Revolution?

Why landlines are being phased out

UK's decision to phase out the ‘landline’ - or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) - infrastructure is based on our need to transition to future-proofed technology fit for the digital age. Here are some reasons why this is a good idea for everyone:

Technological Advancement: Modern digital communication isn't just about making calls. It's about clear conversations, video chats, multimedia sharing, and so much more.

Surging Demand for Internet Services: With businesses shifting online, unified communications have become essential. The modern network supports both voice and data seamlessly.

Infrastructure Makeover: The old copper lines are making way for next-gen infrastructure, such as G.Network’s Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) full fibre broadband - making it easier to deliver high-speed internet right to your doorstep.

Cutting Down Costs: We’re saying goodbye to expensive upkeep of old analogue networks. Digital is the future –more cost-effective, efficient and easier to repair.

Unlocking New Possibilities: Think beyond calls. The digital realm extends our opportunities for new ways to communicate in future.

Key dates to remember

It's already begun

BT Openreach has stopped sales of all analogue products in September 2023, except under specific exceptions. If you’d like the details, Openreach's official site offers in-depth insights. Wondering what this means for your business? With the clock ticking, now is the time to assess and upgrade.

How does this impact your business?

Early planning is the key to a smooth transition without hitches! So if you are still one of the millions of businesses in the UK that rely on traditional landlines, it's time to consider the switch to Full Fibre Voice - and G.Network have you covered.

*Broadband connection required to switch to Full Fibre Voice.

What to do next.

Imagine superior quality calls and an array of features at your fingertips. Starting at just £9.50, we're here to ensure your transition to the age of digital communication is seamless.

Make the switch with G.Network today!