Getting the most from your broadband.

Here’s a question for you, are you getting the best from your broadband? You might be finding that your connection isn’t quite as fast as it should be. The good news is that there are some easy fixes. We’ve got 9 tips to get your broadband working at the top of its game.  

1) Extend your coverage

Wi-Fi slow in some rooms? Dead zones? You might want a WiFi booster system. The connection still comes from your usual box, but you can add little boosters around your house too. They make sure wherever you go, your internet is ultrafast.

2) Check your connection

See how your network is doing. You can view which devices are connected to each beacon, and check their connection strength and maximum speeds using the Nokia app.

3) Change the channel

WiFi channels are like lanes on a motorway. If there are too many cars in one lane, or you and your neighbours are on the same Wi-Fi channel, everyone slows down. 

To move to an empty lane, turn your WiFi off and on again regularly. The oldest trick in the book.

4) Change the frequency

WiFi has two frequencies: 2.4 or 5 gigahertz. You can choose which one to jump onto. If 5GHz shows up on your device, go with that. Lots of devices can’t get onto it, so it’ll stop the other frequency being so crowded.   

5) Disconnect your old devices

iPhone 3 sitting in your attic? Great for a retro fancy dress party. Not so good if it’s clogging up your connection. It’s worth checking any old devices aren’t still connected. Go into settings, select your WiFi and hit ‘forget’ or ‘disconnect’.

6) Turn off automatic downloads

They might be slowing you down, and you might not even want them. Switch them off in settings. 

7) Check for intruders

Are your neighbours secretly intruding? Turn off every device you’ve connected to your WiFi. If the router’s still flashing, it means someone else is using it. Change your password and make it unguessable.

8) Share your WiFi

Have someone special you want to share your WiFi with?

Simply click on the share button or use the ready-to-scan QR-code for automatic connection (smartphone dependent).

9) Take a walk on the wired side

Gaming and HD streaming love higher speeds. When you’re doing these more intense activities, connect your console or TV with an ethernet cable. Works a charm.