Can I Get Fibre? .

Fibre broadband is the future of our online lives. The spinning wheel of buffering doom is a thing of the past. Fibre broadband means playing video games at lightening speeds and gliding through Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and every other online service with no delays. 

We’re rolling out full fibre broadband across London with our brand-new network and we’re reaching more and more homes and workplaces every day. We may already be in your area, or yours could be next.  

Here’s our guide to how you could get full fibre broadband: 

Can I get full fibre broadband? 

We’re G.Network, London’s full fibre broadband provider. We’re on a mission to upgrade the city’s outdated broadband from copper to full fibre by installing brand new connections directly to your home or business. If you’re in London, you can use our Broadband Area Checker below to see if we’re available in your area yet: 

What type of fibre broadband can I get? 

We offer full fibre broadband, which is delivered solely by fibre optic cables into your home or workplace. This is different from some other providers who may still use the older copper cables to connect the phone cabinet on your street with your home, slowing down the speed of the broadband you end up receiving.  

We do this by creating entirely new connections just for you, each time. That’s why if you want the fastest fibre broadband possible, you need to switch to G.Network full fibre. You can find out how switching works below: 

Our installation process.

  1. Looking glass


    This identifies the best route to take our fibre from the street into your home. Your survey will be booked in when we speak to you after you’ve placed an order.

  2. Small, medium and large buildings.


    Like any business installing cabling into a building, we need permission from the freeholder, landlord and/or managing agent. We need this to install our fibre. This is a legal agreement known as a ‘wayleave’. If you own your property, we’ll send you a template wayleave agreement at this stage or we’ll ask you for your landlord’s details and we will manage this process directly with them.

  3. Fibre cable


    The exciting part! Once we’ve got the wayleave, our engineer can visit your property and install your full fibre broadband. Again, we’ll call you to arrange this. We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a customer and as we work through the process, we’ll be able to confirm an exact go live date.

Why can’t I get fibre broadband in my area? 

Unfortunately, full fibre broadband isn’t available everywhere yet, it’s still relatively new to London and the UK. However, we believe that everyone deserves a better-connected world where we can work, learn and play online without buffering or drop-outs. That’s why we’re working hard to roll out full fibre broadband across London, and your area could be connected next.  

How to get fibre installed? 

If you’re ready to bring high speed full fibre broadband into your home or workplace, you firstly need to check availability with our Broadband Area Checker above. If you’re in an area where it’s available, sign up with us online or over the phone. After you've completed your purchase, we will call you back to talk you through the next steps. 

Because we install completely new connections, we’ll book a survey and start the process of requesting permissions from landlords to carry out the work (if applicable) and then book your installation. 

What are my alternatives if I can’t get full fibre? 

If we’re not yet able to install our full fibre broadband in your area, ADSL (that’s your standard copper broadband) still is your only real broadband option for now. But hopefully, that will change soon. 

As we said, we’re working hard to roll out full fibre broadband across London. If we’re not in your area yet, please register your interest:

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