Who are G.Network?

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    Why choose G.Network?

    G.Network is London’s full fibre broadband provider. We’re installing brand new, fibre optic connections directly to residents and businesses across London. With G.Network infrastructure, residents and businesses are able to access reliable full fibre connections with guaranteed download and upload speeds.

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    What we’re trying to achieve?

    We want a better-connected London where people can work, learn and play online without buffering or drop-outs. Our infrastructure upgrade will bring huge economic and social benefits to local communities, and to the city as a whole, enabling businesses to thrive and residents to be better connected with one another.

How Broadband Works.

G.Network is rebuilding London from the fibre up, replacing the old, slow copper infrastructure with new 100% full fibre.

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    Why do I need full fibre broadband?

    Full fibre broadband is delivered solely by fibre optic cables into your premises, rather than older, copper ones. These cables carry data much more quickly and reliably than slower copper. Copper-based connections also tend to be shared amongst groups of premises, so heavy usage from one affects them all.

G Network.

All of our support and sales team are based in London which means we’re just around the corner if you have any issues or need to speak to us.

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