Your guide to installation.

Step 1: Introductions

Introductions: FAQ's.

How do I book an installation date?

After you place your order with us, whether that’s over the phone or on the website, you can expect a call from one of our Connections Advisors to let you know what the next steps are.

What happens if I can’t make the appointment?

Just let us know and we’ll find you another date. No stress.

When will the engineers arrive?

The engineers on your installation should arrive at the time you’ve been told. They’ll get in touch with you before they arrive, and will let you know if anything changes.

How long does the installation take?

When our engineers arrive at your property, they’ll be there between 2-4 hours. This may take a little longer if it’s a more complex installation. Don’t worry, you won’t be needed for the whole time. 

The timing depends on the type of property you’re at, and whether our fibre has already been installed in the building.

How many engineers will be at installation?

Typically, our engineers work in teams of 2-3 people. However, we have a number of initiatives at G.Network to train fibre engineers and a lot of this training is done on the job. That means there may be more than 3 people if an engineer in training is coming along. 

Step 2: The outside bit

The outside bit: FAQ's.

Where does the fibre come from?

We’ve already installed our fibre network in your street, so we’ll look for the best way to bring it into your home. That could be connecting to a chamber in the pavement, via a telegraph pole, or from a cabinet.

How tiny is the hole?

Just a few millimetres wide and it will be fully secured and covered. You’ll hardly even notice it.

Do I need to prepare anything before my installation?

Every property is different. If your property needs anything specific, such as access to the basement, we’ll let you know in plenty of time so this can be arranged.  

The engineer will also recommend where to put your router, which is always near a plug socket and usually in the room where you use the internet the most. If you could move any furniture around this area away from the walls to give our engineers access, that would be great. But not to worry if there’s not enough room.

Step 3: The inside bit

The inside bit: FAQ's.

Where is my router?

Your router will be provided on the day of installation – we don’t deliver routers to your property beforehand.

What router will I get?

Our residential customers will get a state-of-the-art WiFi 6 Nokia ONT (commonly known as a router). The two models we install are Nokia G-2426G-A and Nokia XS-2426G-A. 

Some customers on the older part of our network will initially receive a different model from Huawei, but we’ll be switching them to Nokia over the next few months.

Can I choose where I put my router?

Our engineers will advise where to put your router based on our standard installation. This is always near a plug socket and usually towards the front of the property, no more than 3m away from an external wall or window. 

Will there be any damage to my property?

We’ll need to drill a tiny hole to bring the fibre into the building. It’s only a few millimeters wide, and will be fully secured and covered, so you’ll hardly notice it.  

We’re installing new infrastructure, which means we must make sure we have the appropriate permissions from the landlord. If that’s you, there should be no hold up. If not, we’ll need to get a wayleave agreement. We’ll sort this out for you, just note that sometimes this takes a few months.

Step 4: Up and running

Up and running: FAQ's.

How long from placing an order to going live?

We try to connect all our customers as swiftly as possible. In certain cases, connecting to our independent, full-fibre network may require conducting a survey and obtaining relevant permissions from the landlord or freeholder before organizing the installation. We’re putting brand-new connections into the property, so it’s worth the wait. 

But when our engineers leave your property, you’ll be live straight away.

When should I cancel my current provider?

Due to the nature of our installation, we advise that you only give notice to your existing provider once our installation has taken place - this ensures no loss of service.

How can I set up and manage my WiFi preferences?

The Nokia App offers a guided tour for easy setup and customization of WiFi preferences, including network name, password, and parental controls. 

The app also works with any Full-On WiFi beacons that you might add to your home network, and it will even help you find the best locations to place your beacons.

You can download the app on IOS and Android devices.