Our company.

Our mission

As London’s full fibre broadband provider, G.Network is dedicated to delivering gigafast speeds accessible and affordable for all. With our 100% fibre network and a portfolio of products tailored to consumers and businesses across the capital, we are making significant strides in connectivity. Our initiatives with the Greater London Authority and London Borough Councils aim to boost High Street connectivity and public Wi-Fi, supporting local businesses and communities.

Strategic Partnerships

In March 2024, we announced a strategic partnership with Boldyn Networks, a global leader in shared communications infrastructure. This collaboration aims to fast-track London’s ambitions to become a leading global smart city, enhancing connectivity, optimising city services, and fostering sustainable development.

We’re also proud to partner with the Greater London Authority as part of the Mayor or London’s newly announced Infrastructure Coordination Service, working alongside other organisations responsible for building and maintaining the capital’s infrastructure. 

Why London?

Our ambition is for London to become one of the leading digital economies in the world. We cover London’s central activity zone, offering businesses services with speeds up to 10Gbps. Despite current full fibre broadband coverage of over 64%, London ranks only 66th globally for fixed broadband speeds. With an average speed of just 92 Mb, London trails behind cities like New York, Paris, and Madrid where the average speed is 220 Mb. We aim to close this connectivity gap, ensuring London’s businesses and residents can access the broadband services they need, anytime, anywhere.

Importance of connectivity

In today’s hybrid working landscape, seamless functionality is crucial. Full fibre broadband is essential for productivity, projected to be worth £72 billion a year by 2030 in productivity gains alone, according to Openreach’s CEBR Report 2023. That’s the equivalent of 295K new SMEs being created across the country or 25 businesses in every local council area. Providing wealth, skills and development opportunities for the people who live and work in London. 

Reliable, fast connections are critical for businesses, with 94% of small business owners rating broadband connectivity as essential for success. Gigabit-capable connectivity must be delivered seamlessly both inside and outside the office, enabling businesses to thrive and innovate.

Why G.Network

Supported by our top shareholders and a new operating model, we continue to deliver notable improvements in productivity, customer service, and revenue growth. Currently we cover London’s central activity zone and serve a wide range of customers with services offering speeds up to 10Gbps through an affordable range of offers.

With a clear strategy being delivered by a strong management team supported by our scalable network, we are well positioned to expand our network across the capital.

We envisage a time when every person and business in not only London, but the whole of the UK, has gigafast connectivity: conversations would then be less about connectivity and productivity – but more about people and the amazing things they can do or create.

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