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G.Network’s Apprenticeship scheme – A year in full fibre



In March 2020 we launched our first ever Apprenticeship programme, taking on apprentices within our Field Engineering department. Over the last 11 months our apprentices have completed 12 industry standard qualifications and worked across each of our engineering disciplines. Each apprentice has a mentor and a buddy to support them on their journey as they move closer to becoming fully qualified, cross-trained engineers.

It’s been a challenging period for them all, having to learn new skills, whilst also being key workers that deliver an essential service by rebuilding London’s broadband. Despite these challenges, the programme has been a great success and our apprentices have already been critical in delivering full fibre to thousands of homes and businesses.

Here’s what they have to say about the programme:





‘Everything we do is exciting and interesting, whether in the field or not, but what I really like about the apprenticeship is that the people leading it really care about it and invest in us… I would highly recommend the G.Network apprenticeship because it is a great opportunity to evolve and become a great engineer, also a great opportunity to get a stable and well paid job.’ Daniel Visan






‘I have had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts who have taught me a great deal of knowledge and developed my skill set across various engineering departments. G Network is a vibrant, upbeat company with clear vision into the future with excellent growth opportunities for all, support structure and friendly team members there to help you.’ Mo Ali




Our apprentices are hungry to learn, keen to develop and have added huge value to our Field Engineering department. We’re developing the next generation of G.Network engineers and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve achieved so far.


Residents and businesses across London can look forward to 13x faster broadband



  • G.Network will upgrade over 80% of residents and businesses in 13 of London’s boroughs to full fibre broadband. 
  • Tariffs that are the same price as non-fibre and leased lines connections.
  • Full fibre broadband available to all premises G.Network passes.




Monday 11th January 2021.

As many as 82% of premises in the capital are still using copper connections for their broadband. G.Network is planning to undertake one of the biggest infrastructure projects in London, making full fibre connections available for everyone and future-proofing London’s broadband for years to come. 

The benefits for businesses and residents are significant. Customers able to get ultrafast, reliable broadband, far superior to old copper connections, for a similar price. With G.Network connections, residents can get up to 900 Mbps while businesses can get up to 10 Gbps. That’s over 13 times the average broadband speed Londoners are receiving today.

Fibre broadband packages can deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds, as well as other package benefits, such as an enterprise managed router and internet telephony services.

According to the Internet Association, the full rollout of gigabit broadband across the UK would provide a boost to the economy of 0.7 percent of GDP by 2025, the equivalent of over £13bn, or an extra £217 per person a year. G.Network is doing its part to support this with affordable, ultrafast broadband for London. Tariffs start from £22pm competing directly with existing copper connections.



Douglas Grierson, G.Network Sales and Marketing Director said, “Now more than ever there’s a need for ultrafast, reliable broadband. Our rollout programme will connect 1.4m premises in London and give residents and businesses access to speeds they’ve never been able to experience before. 

It’s important for London that consumers get access to 100% full fibre broadband, and not compromise with part copper, part fibre connections that are sometimes referred to as ‘fibre’. 



We’re always on the lookout for great people to help rebuild London. If you’re looking to build your career then find out more at

G.Network to invest more than £1bn to transform London’s broadband infrastructure

G.Network to invest more than £1bn to transform London’s broadband infrastructure


  • G.Network plans to roll out full fibre broadband to 1.4 million premises, reaching 13 London Boroughs over the next 5 years
  • The rollout is expected to create more than 1,250 new jobs.
  • Around 4,500 km of streets to be dug.
  • One of the biggest infrastructure projects in London.



Monday 14th December 2020.

Full fibre broadband operator, G.Network, plans to invest over £1bn in rolling out connectivity in London following a successful fundraise. The fundraise includes a new equity investment by USS, the UK’s largest private pension scheme by way of assets, of up to £295m over 6 years; as well as debt secured from four banks of up to £745m, contingent on passing certain milestones.

G.Network digs streets to install brand new, state-of-the-art, contiguous full fibre broadband infrastructure in the capital, offering both residential and business customers ultra-fast speeds. 

The network is ‘Open Access’, this means that other providers can offer connections to their customers using G.Network infrastructure in future. G.Network is currently working with eight local authorities and will bring its rollout to a further five, aiming to connect at least 80% of premises in each.

In the next five years, G.Network plans to dig around 4,500km of streets, reaching approximately 1.4 million London premises, including many in underserved areas. The rollout is expected to create more than 1,250 new jobs, in addition to the c.a. 250 staff already employed by the Company, whilst bringing competitively-priced high speed broadband to residents and businesses



Commenting on the investment, Sasho Veselinski, G.Network Chief Executive Officer, said, “High speed, reliable connectivity is critical to the home and work lives of Londoners. That’s why G.Network is undertaking a fundamental upgrade of the capital’s telecoms infrastructure from copper to fibre. We are rebuilding London’s broadband from the fibre up, bringing first-class connectivity to residents and businesses without expecting them to pay more. We’re very pleased to be working with USS, Cube and our banking partners on this project, and look forward to many years of successful partnership.”

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Oliver Dowden said, “This fantastic investment in our capital is a welcome boost to the government’s national mission to revolutionise Britain’s digital infrastructure. It will give London a much-needed helping hand as we race to build back better from the impact of Covid and upgrade broadband speeds for well over a million premises while also creating hundreds of new jobs.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “This additional investment is great news for our city and will mean new jobs in infrastructure and faster internet speeds for Londoners at home and at work. At a time when so many are reliant on good connectivity, we’re encouraging more investment in full fibre by working with London’s 32 boroughs and TfL to provide better access across the capital.”

USS Investment Management CEO, Simon Pilcher, said: “This transaction is the latest in a series of new investments by USS in the UK, highlighting our commitment to long-term domestic investment particularly where we can identify supportive regulatory and Government policy. We look forward to partnering with the G.Network management team and Cube to provide Londoners with the first class fibre network they need whilst generating long-term returns to provide a better financial future for our members.”

Cube Managing Partner, Henri Piganeau, said: “We are known as pioneers among infrastructure funds for investing early in fibre open-access networks, long before fibre became the “fourth utility” and have over the last decade accompanied the growth of several European infrastructure operators. G.Network represents a compelling proposition for the enormous number of businesses and residents in London, who are chronically under-served by existing connectivity infrastructure. The partnership with USS will allow accelerating the growth of the Company into becoming the open-access network for Central London, serving all telecom operators”. 



We’re always on the lookout for great people to help rebuild London’s broadband. If you’re looking to build your career then find out more at


Two new Estate partners for G.Network

When people think of ‘Estates’, they either tend to think of purpose-built public housing, or of huge swathes of the countryside. But family estates also exist in urban areas, particularly in London. Recently, we announced plans to bring full fibre broadband connectivity to two of them.


At the end of July we announced that we’d teamed up with the Howard de Walden Estate, which stretches across 92 acres of Marylebone. Every residential tenant of the Estate in 850 flats and houses will be provided with a 900 Megabit upload and download connection, included in the price of their rent. That means that Estate tenants will have access to some of the fastest broadband available in the capital – around 30 times faster than many of them are currently able to get.


Then, last week, we also announced an ongoing partnership with The Bedford Estates. We’re bringing our state-of-the-art network to the whole of the Bedford Estates, which covers around 30 acres of Bloomsbury. 


In both cases, our rollout has already made big progress. We’ve seen a real demand for our upgraded broadband service across both Estates. Our partnerships are a true win-win scenario: residents and local businesses can access a huge upgrade in terms of internet speed and reliability, and Estates have a compelling new tool to differentiate themselves and market to new tenants. 


Every week we work with developers, agents, landlords and Estates to bring better internet to hundreds more Londoners. And we know that this kind of upgrade is sorely needed. Recently, it was reported that the UK has fallen down the international rankings for broadband speeds, and urgent investment is needed to improve the situation. So if you’re interested in becoming our next partner and improving your broadband, we’d love to hear from you.