You've got a replacement broadband router.

New Router FAQ.

What do I need to do?

Unplug your current router, and replace it with the new one that we send you. This will mean unplugging the ethernet cable at the back of the router and plugging in the new Nokia power cable. There is a step by step guide included below.

Return the old router to us in the pre-paid returns packaging. You’ll receive the returns packaging with your new router. All you need to do is put your old router in the pre-paid envelope and post it.

Will my connection continue to work with my existing router?
No. You’ll need to change routers on the date specified in your instructions for your broadband to continue to work.
Will this affect my current speeds or connection?
No. You will continue to receive your chosen speeds with the new equipment, and your connection will be as robust as before.
How long will my new router take to work?
We recommend you wait half an hour to let the new router connect to the network so don’t worry if it doesn’t work straightaway.
What should I do if I have any issues?
If you have any issues we’ll be on hand to help. If you experience any problems, you can call us on our dedicated migration support line on 020 3909 4555.

Installing your new router.

A step by step guide to installing your new router

Step by Step guide to switching your router

This guide will take you through the process for replacing your existing router with your new Nokia router. 

Step 1: Disconnecting your old device

To disconnect your old Huawei router simply turn off the power on the back of the device by pressing the power button. 

Once the power is turned off you can remove the green fibre lead by gently pulling on it. 

Be careful when disconnecting as the fibre lead emits an invisible laser light which you should avoid looking directly into.

Step 2: Connecting your new device

To connect your new Nokia device you’ll first need to remove the protective black dust cap to reveal the green fibre plug socket. 

You’ll then need to connect the fibre cable to the router. The green fibre cable has a notch in it. Make sure this lines up with the notch on the fibre port, then gently push the fibre in.

After this is connected you then need to plug in the power cable and your new router will turn on and connect within 30 minutes. 

Finally, connect your computer or device to the new  Wifi network name shown on the back of the Nokia router. The password for this connection is on the router. If, after 30 minutes, you still do not have connectivity please contact our dedicated migration support line on 020 3909 4555.