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G.Network for landlords and property developers.

Our dedicated, London based, property team will work with you to provide connectivity solutions for projects of any size you have on the go

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Our consistent, reliable service at highly competitive prices creates great value to both customers and the buildings they live and work in.

  1. Clock Blue

    Quick to connect

    Like our broadband, we work fast. We can connect much more quickly than other providers, because the infrastructure we use and the setup process we carry out is all our own.

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    Happy tenants

    Our 100% full fibre infrastructure future-proofs your building’s connectivity for decades for minimal capex expenditure, improving tenant satisfaction.

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    Customer focused

    Our customer-focused approach to connectivity takes the headache away from landlords and tenants, providing a straightforward process to sign up and get connected.

  1. Landlords Blue


    Get current and potential tenants on your side with lightning fast, reliable broadband, connecting your property to a better standard of internet provision.

  2. Development Blue

    Property developers.

    Increase the desirability and value of your property with our full fibre broadband network, and join a range of property developers already connected up in existing and new premises.

  3. Councils Blue


    We want to rebuild London from the fibre up. Our first step towards that goal is to partner with councils minimising disruption and maximising benefits for the community through roll-out.

  4. Associations Blue

    Housing associations.

    We can supply lightning fast, affordable connectivity to housing associations across London. If you live in, or work for a housing association, we’d love to help.

  5. Flex Space Blue

    Flex space.

    Our infrastructure can support multiple, high-demand connections, if you support multiple businesses in your flexible working space, our full fibre network can make sure they’re getting super fast, reliable connectivity that doesn’t cost the earth.