Essential Fibre broadband is here for lower-income Londoners .

Blue banner which with text 'Essential fibre broadband £15 a month'

Essential Fibre is G.Network’s full fibre broadband tariff for London’s lower-income households. For £15 per month, customers will receive quick and reliable broadband, and will get connected with us for free. 

We know that online access is something that’s hard to live without. This everyday essential has become vital for everything from schoolwork to entertainment to working from home. That’s why, with Essential Fibre, we hope many more households will be able to afford better broadband.   

We’ve seen estimates that a low number of households receiving Universal Credit are on a discounted broadband tariff, with many benefits claimants unaware of them. At G.Network, we to be a part of changing this. We’re working with government, local councils, and sharing messages on our social media channels to spread the word and get more lower income Londoners connected to full fibre broadband.  

At G.Network we’re proud to contribute to the communities in which we operate and we hope Essential Fibre will be a useful contribution to reducing the digital divide. We’re improving London’s broadband for all Londoners and our full fibre broadband is reaching more and more Londoners every week.  

Essential Fibre is available to Londoners whose properties are live on our network, regardless of whether they are in private, council or social housing. The tariff is being offered to those receiving of certain levels of Income Support – Jobseekers’ Allowance, Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit. 

If you think you might be eligible, please do get in touch with us. And if you know someone who could benefit from Essential Fibre, then please share.  

Get connected with Essential Fibre broadband

Our full fibre broadband is delivered straight into every home, (unlike other providers who use slower copper wires) which means our connection is faster and more reliable. Ultimately, our brand new broadband infrastructure will bring huge economic and social benefits to the city, enabling London’s businesses to thrive and residents to be better connected with one another.