Why 900 MEG!

At G.Network we connect you to only 100% full-fibre. This means you can get 900 MEG for both upload and downloads, speeds your old copper connection couldn’t even dream of delivering.


To help put that in perspective we’ve got some examples of just how quickly you’ll be doing everyday tasks with our 900 MEG speeds.


Day to day download activity How fast you’ll be able to download it
You want the latest album from your favourite band. You’ll be listening to it in just 1 second.
Getting the newest 4k film on your tablet for your next trip. Done in 3 minutes, meaning you can focus on what to pack. 
Newest release on your games console. Get leveling up after 7 minutes.
Browsing the web for new trainers. You’ll be online and surfing the web in the time it takes to blink.


Files sized used in these calculations are 85MB for a music album, 20GB for a 4K Ultra HD quality movie, 45GB for a PlayStation, or Xbox console game.


No more buffering at home or work

Whether you’ve got a household that’s streaming, gaming, and working all at the same time or business that’s trying to upload and download large files from remote servers, then we’re confident that our 900 MEG can take even the most strenuous of demands.