900 MEG for £22

900 MEG Upload and Download.

We’re giving everyone the chance to try one of our fastest full fibre broadband packages by upgrading all new customers to 900 MEG for the first 3 months of their contracts. More than enough to stream high definition films or deliver work presentations as if you’re there in person.

Simply put, you’ll get to experience 900 MEG ultrafast, reliable broadband, which is 13 x faster than the London average!*

As soon as your connection is live we’ll process the upgrade. You’ll then have 3 months to enjoy this before moving onto your chosen tariff. If you do want to continue with your upgraded speed then just get in touch with sales@g.network.


Great value tariffs starting at £22 per month

Our tariffs are designed to make 100% fibre connectivity accessible for everyone, with prices on par with existing copper-fibre broadband. Prices start from just £22 per month for our residential tariffs.


Promotion includes business tariffs

All new business customers can also experience the ultra fast speeds of full fibre with an upgrade to 900 MEG for the first 3 months of their contract.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with 100% full fibre which is why we have a 3 month guarantee period, in which you can leave at any time and for any reason. Just email us at support@g.network with your details and firstly try to resolve any issues, but if we’re not able to then we’ll cancel the contract.





*based on 900mbps vs 66mbps – Source Ofcom “Connected Nations” report Dec 2019