G.Network’s Apprenticeship scheme – A year in full fibre



In March 2020 we launched our first ever Apprenticeship programme, taking on apprentices within our Field Engineering department. Over the last 11 months our apprentices have completed 12 industry standard qualifications and worked across each of our engineering disciplines. Each apprentice has a mentor and a buddy to support them on their journey as they move closer to becoming fully qualified, cross-trained engineers.

It’s been a challenging period for them all, having to learn new skills, whilst also being key workers that deliver an essential service by rebuilding London’s broadband. Despite these challenges, the programme has been a great success and our apprentices have already been critical in delivering full fibre to thousands of homes and businesses.

Here’s what they have to say about the programme:





‘Everything we do is exciting and interesting, whether in the field or not, but what I really like about the apprenticeship is that the people leading it really care about it and invest in us… I would highly recommend the G.Network apprenticeship because it is a great opportunity to evolve and become a great engineer, also a great opportunity to get a stable and well paid job.’ Daniel Visan






‘I have had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts who have taught me a great deal of knowledge and developed my skill set across various engineering departments. G Network is a vibrant, upbeat company with clear vision into the future with excellent growth opportunities for all, support structure and friendly team members there to help you.’ Mo Ali




Our apprentices are hungry to learn, keen to develop and have added huge value to our Field Engineering department. We’re developing the next generation of G.Network engineers and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve achieved so far.