G.Network response to Coronavirus

Last update: 26th March 2020

We’ve been carefully monitoring government announcements around the Coronavirus. We know this is an uncertain time for all of our customers, so we’re publishing this information on how we’re ready to support you.


Our network

Our brand-new full-fibre broadband network was designed to support even the most demanding data use. We’re constantly monitoring our connectivity to ensure that, at this critical time, you stay connected. We’re confident that we can maintain any service level agreements in our customers’ contracts, and our network engineers will respond quickly to any reports of connection issues. We’ll do everything we can, as fast as we can, to keep you connected.

Even as more of our customers choose to work from home, we’ve seen no congestion or performance drops to date.



All G.Network connections come with unlimited data use as standard.


Keeping us safe, to keep you safe

We’re very closely monitoring the wellbeing of all our G.Network staff. If one of our team does need to visit your property, you can rest assured that, to the best of our knowledge, it’s OK for them to do so. We’re also equipping them with high-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that there’s an even lower risk of transmitting the Covid-19 virus. We’re also keeping them up to date on the latest guidelines around social distancing and hand washing, and we’re ensuring they have everything they need to work safely.


To keep you safe, we also need to make sure they’re as safe as possible. So our teams will ask you to confirm, in person and in writing, that there is nobody in your property who is unwell before entering.


If you have any questions related to our Coronavirus response, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 086 1148 or