Our Values.

Our values are the backbone of our culture. They define what we stand for and how we do things. 

We spoke to a few of our G.Networkers to find out what our values mean to them. 

  1. Overcoming challenges

    When difficulties and challenges emerge, we work positively and persistently to overcome them.

  2. We give 100%. Always.

    For our customers, our employees and for London

  3. Clear and Positive

    We are fair, clear and positive in everything we do.

  4. We move quickly

    We're passionate about doing things brilliantly at pace

  1. Paul Ford, Head of Civils Delivery.

    “My area is about planning which streets to dig, working with engineers to install our fibre on those streets, and connecting streets to cabinets. It’s a broad role, and I’m here to make sure my teams communicate transparently and eliminate any silos between them. G.Network’s goal is to build a fast, resilient network at the highest standards of the industry.”

  2. Imogen Raddon, Fibre Engineer.

    “I was the first person to pass a G.Network Reskillship, our programme which takes people without experience and trains them to be fully qualified engineers. I’ve learned so much since I started, and I love the fact that I get to evolve my skills every day. G.Network is all about enabling and inspiring people to bring their best to work, and I really try and do that. One of our company values is to be excellent, and that’s what I keep in mind every day when I’m out in the field.”

  3. Natara Clarke, Customer Service Adviser.

    “G.Network’s ethos is to be fair to everyone, and that includes customers. I love helping them solve their problems. We want to outperform every other company in the industry, and we can only do that if we provide a fantastic customer experience. Across our teams we have a culture of sharing success, so when we get to the root of a knotty customer issue, we make sure all the right people get thanked.”

We’re ripping up the streets of London and laying down a 100% fibre network that will future-proof London connectivity and transform the way people live and work in our capital. And you could be part of it.